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    You have just reached the right place on the Web. Here you can solve all your problems with translation from English and German into Russian. We are ready to translate everything you need. Count on us for quality, service and delivery on time and within budget.

Petersburg Translation Bureau is a specialized organization that provides English-Russian and German-Russian localization, translation, DTP and interpreting services.

We have a team of professional translators. All of them are native Russian speakers and have graduated from Language departments of Russian universities. Apart from extensive translation experience our translators have background in other fields such as electronics, engineering, legislation, medicine, etc., so they can handle technical translation in any field of expertise.

We also provide interpreting and such services as localization and Web-site translation.

We always double check our translation to guarantee the highest quality and to make sure the translation accurately and precisely reproduces the contents of the original.

Materials are accepted and delivered as e-mail attachments (in ASCII, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, pdf, or any other format of your choice), or by fax. We can also do DTP of translated documents using appropriate software, e.g. MS office applications, FrameMaker, AutoCAD, PageMaker.

We provide services of high quality. Translation of documents is quoted by number of words in them. Our regular prices start at $0.04 per word for simple texts. Translation of Russian documents for visas costs $12 per page. Naturally, translation of a complicated technical or legal documentation can't cost $0.04 per word, but in in any case our prices are extremely competitive. We accept payments right on our website (see Payment. It's convenient and secure.

Documents are accepted and delivered via email as attachments in any format. We can even restore damaged documents. You can use our US fax (206) 350-3808.

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