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Translation of websites to Russian. Localization

Our ; US fax: (206) 350-3808

Any company on the Web needs customers for its development. To attract additional foreign audience means more customers, more sells and more money. The Russian segment of the Web is one of the fastest growing ones. There are about 40 000 000 Internet users in Russia, not to mention Russian users in other countries of the former USSR. Russian version of your website means up to 100 000 000 additional customers.

Translation of a website to Russian means not only translation of its content. It's a complex process. Translation of a website into Russian is more than just translation of its content. It's a complicated work for a team of specialists in different areas. Not only do we translate the text, but also create HTML pages in Russian, translate your graphics, scripts, hidden words, etc.

We have specialists for all aspects of this translation. As a result of their joint efforts our customers obtain reliable Russian versions of their sites. We prepare sites for Russian segment of the Web and provide our clients with promotional services in Russia on request.

You can look at our finished works, translated websites:
IFT Poultry, Script Service Corporation.

Just tell us the URL of the website for translation and we'll give you the exact terms for its translation to Russian.

Our ; US fax: (206) 350-3808

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